Rocket Languages Review: Is it worth it in 2023?

Have you been searching for the right language learning tool without much success? You’re not alone. Finding the perfect method to learn a new language can be challenging. Hopefully, our Rocket Languages review can help you decide for yourself.

In this blog post, we’re taking an honest look at Rocket Languages, a language learning platform that’s been gaining popularity in the language learning community. It offers interactive audio lessons, personalized progress tracking, and numerous resources designed to help you learn a language more efficiently.

Think about the possibilities of speaking fluently with locals when you travel or surprising your friends and family with your language skills. Rocket Languages might be the solution to help you reach your linguistic goals and open up a world of cultural experiences.

If you’re curious to know more, continue reading our in-depth review of Rocket Languages. We’ll explore its features and effectiveness to help you decide if it’s the right tool for your language learning journey. Let’s uncover the secrets to fluency together!

What is Rocket Languages?

Rocket Languages is a comprehensive language learning platform designed for beginners and advanced learners alike. Tailored to help users achieve fluency, it offers an immersive approach to language acquisition. Rocket Languages combines interactive audio lessons with engaging cultural lessons and personalized progress tracking. Its unique methodology focuses on teaching practical vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation in context while emphasizing listening and speaking skills. Rocket Languages caters to those who want to learn languages effectively, whether for travel, work, or personal growth.

Who Created Rocket Languages?

Rocket Languages was co-founded by Jason Oxenham and Mark Ling in 2004. Jason Oxenham, a New Zealander with a passion for languages and education, teamed up with Mark Ling, a successful entrepreneur, and polyglot, to create a language learning platform that focuses on practical language skills and effective learning methods. Their goal was to make language learning accessible and enjoyable for people all around the world.

Top benefits of Rocket Languages

  • Courses tailored to your skill level: With beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels in Spanish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, and Chinese-Mandarin, Rocket Languages accommodates learners of all abilities.
  • Convenient offline learning: Downloadable podcast-style Interactive Audio lessons as MP3s let you learn wherever you go, even without internet access.
  • Risk-free exploration: A free trial, supported by a 60-day money-back guarantee, allows you to confidently test the platform.
  • Practical vocabulary: Survival Kit lessons cover essential vocabulary for various topics, preparing you for real-world situations.
  • Comprehensive writing support: Writing lessons for script languages, such as Kanji and Hanzi, develop your reading and writing skills.
  • Improved pronunciation: Voice recognition technology helps refine your pronunciation of words and phrases, boosting your speaking confidence.
  • Thorough learning reinforcement: In-depth lesson activities ensure a well-rounded language education by consolidating your understanding.
  • Lifetime access for continued growth: Enjoy ongoing access to purchased courses, allowing you to progress at your own pace and revisit material whenever needed.

Best Features of Rocket Languages

Rocket Languages provides a personalized learning experience that adapts to your needs. With a supportive community, intuitive progress tracking, and flexibility to learn at your own pace, mastering a new language becomes an engaging and efficient process. Rocket Languages offers a mobile app for on-the-go learning, responsive customer support, and a multisensory teaching approach to cater to different learning preferences.

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Adaptive learning experience

Rocket Languages tailors its content to match individual learning styles, maximizing progress and retention.

Supportive community

Engage with fellow language learners and native speakers on Rocket Languages’ forums for encouragement, collaboration, and additional learning resources.

Progress tracking

Monitor your achievements and milestones with an intuitive dashboard, keeping you motivated and aware of your growth.

Enhanced cultural understanding

Language and culture lessons provide valuable insights into grammar and cultural nuances, enriching your language experience.

Regular content updates

Stay engaged with frequent updates to learning materials, ensuring relevance and ongoing interest.

Mobile app availability

Seamlessly learn on the go with the Rocket Languages mobile app, allowing access across various devices.

Dedicated customer support

Receive assistance from a responsive support team, addressing inquiries and concerns for a smooth learning journey.

Multisensory teaching approach

Incorporate listening, speaking, reading, and writing exercises to cater to different learning preferences and reinforce comprehension.

Rocket Languages Pricing

Rocket Languages offers one-time payment options and monthly payment plans.

Remember, Rocket Languages also offers a 60-day money-back guarantee, so if you’re not satisfied with their service within the first two months, you can get your money back.

Rocket Languages Courses:

Rocket Spanish Level 1 – $149.95

This is the beginner to intermediate course. Rocket Languages promises that you will reach a good conversational level.

Rocket Spanish Level 1 & 2 – $299.90

This is the beginner to advanced course. Rocket Languages promises that you will reach a very good conversational level.

Rocket Spanish Level 1, 2 & 3 – $449.85

This is the beginner to advanced. Rocket Languages promises that you will reach an advanced conversational level.

6-Month Payment Plan:

Rocket Spanish Level 1, 2 & 3 – $75.00 / month

Includes the beginner to advanced courses with a total payment of $450.00 over 6 months.

Rocket Languages Pros and Cons

Rocket Languages Pros

  • Emphasis on conversational practice through real-world context in audio lessons
  • Flexibility to learn while multitasking, without being glued to the app
  • Provision of transcripts for audio lessons to enhance understanding
  • In-depth explanation of grammar rules and cultural insights during audio lessons
  • Quick, accessible grammar and cultural lessons for better language structure comprehension

Rocket Languages has numerous advantages that make it an attractive option for language learners. Rocket Languages emphasizes conversational practice through real-world context in its audio lessons, allowing you to develop practical speaking skills. If you want to learn why context is so important, read my blog post on how to learn Spanish. With the flexibility to learn while multitasking, you won’t have to be glued to the app, making it easier to fit language learning into your busy schedule. Transcripts of audio lessons are provided, which enhances understanding, and the lessons include in-depth explanations of grammar rules and cultural insights. Rocket Languages also offers quick, accessible grammar and cultural lessons to help you grasp the structure of your target language.

Despite these impressive benefits, it’s essential to consider any potential drawbacks before committing to a language learning platform. Let’s now explore some of the cons of Rocket Languages.

Rocket Languages Cons

  • Rocket Languages has an outdated appearance, which might be less appealing to some users.
  • Rocket Languages lacks a significant number of visual lessons, potentially limiting its appeal for visual learners.
  • For those of you who want to learn Spanish, the courses do not focus on Castilian Spanish, which could be a drawback for those specifically interested in learning this variation.
  • Rocket Languages may not offer the same level of social interaction as some other language learning apps, which could be a consideration for those who prefer learning in a more collaborative environment.
  • The choice of languages is not as extensive as a few competing platforms, so it might not cater to everyone’s specific language interests.

While Rocket Languages has many strong points, it also comes with a few drawbacks, such as its outdated appearance, limited visual lessons, and the lack of focus on Castilian Spanish. It’s important to weigh these factors when deciding whether Rocket Languages is the right fit for your language-learning journey. Now that we’ve discussed the pros and cons, let’s explore some alternative language-learning platforms that you might consider.

Rocket Languages Alternatives

Rosetta Stone

A popular language learning platform known for its immersive approach, Rosetta Stone uses images, text, and sound to teach new languages without translation, simulating the way we naturally acquire our first language.


Focusing on listening and speaking skills, Pimsleur offers audio-based lessons with a scientifically-backed method that aims to help learners develop functional conversation skills quickly and efficiently.


With a strong emphasis on social learning, Busuu connects learners with native speakers for authentic language practice and offers a comprehensive curriculum that covers speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills.


Combining a variety of teaching methods, Babbel offers short, interactive lessons tailored to learners’ individual needs and goals, aiming to help them start speaking a new language confidently in just a few weeks.

My Personal Experience Using Rocket Languages

My experience with Rocket Languages has been positive, and I wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone looking to reach an intermediate level in their language. Rocket Language’s focus on conversational practice through engaging audio lessons allows me to immerse myself in a real-world context and develop my speaking skills.

One of the best aspects of Rocket Languages is the flexibility it offers. I found myself practicing while doing other activities, which made learning feel more natural and enjoyable. Moreover, the additional grammar and cultural insights provided during the lessons significantly enhanced my understanding of the language.

However, no platform is perfect, and there are a few cons with Rocket Languages. The outdated appearance might be less appealing to some users, and the limited visual lessons could be a drawback for visual learners. Although I was fine without learning Castilian Spanish, it might be a concern for those of you who are specifically interested in learning this variation.

Despite these minor shortcomings, I am incredibly impressed by the progress I’ve made using Rocket Languages. Rocket Languages’ adaptive learning experience, supportive community, and comprehensive approach to teaching make it an excellent choice for anyone serious about language learning. If you’re ready to embark on an exciting linguistic journey, give Rocket Languages a try – you won’t be disappointed!

Should You Buy Rocket Languages?

If you’re considering Rocket Languages for your language learning journey, it’s definitely worth exploring. Rocket Spanish, for instance, provides a comprehensive course that helps learners progress towards an intermediate level.

A lifetime subscription to Rocket Languages offers a structured learning curriculum, making it a valuable addition to your language-learning resources. It’s a suitable choice whether you’re planning to travel to a Spanish-speaking country or just want to broaden your language skills.

Rocket Languages provides an engaging learning experience with a variety of features, such as podcast-style lessons, grammar insights, and real-world context. It’s a helpful tool for those committed to enhancing their language abilities.

As you weigh your options for language learning platforms, keep Rocket Languages in mind. It could be the key to unlocking new experiences and opportunities in your linguistic journey.

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