61 Best Work From Home Jobs You Can Do in 2023

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Are you looking for the best work from home jobs in 2023? If so, you’re in luck! This blog post contains a list of 61 work from home jobs that are perfect for anyone who wants to work remotely.

Work from home jobs allows for affordable living opportunities, traveling the world, and the freedom to make your schedule. Most of these work from home jobs do not require a college degree, and many can be started with only online courses and/or online certifications.

So whether you’re a stay-at-home mom or dad, a recent graduate, or someone who is just looking for a career change, this list has something for you! 

What Are the Best Work From Home Jobs?

The best work from home jobs offers a great deal of flexibility, allowing individuals to work when and where they want, without sacrificing the ability to earn a good living.

There are 4 key factors to consider: 

What would be expected of me in this position?

What qualifications or skills do I need to have in order to be considered for this work from home job?

What is the salary or rate of pay associated with this work from home job?

How tech-savvy would I have to be?

I have given each job title a tech-savvy rating from 1-5: 

  1. No knowledge of technology is required (None of the remote jobs on this list received this rating for obvious reasons)
  2. Requires a beginner’s level of knowledge of technology. Concepts can be easy to grasp with little training.
  3. Requires intermediate-level knowledge of technology
  4. Requires Expert level knowledge of technology with little to no knowledge of programming language
  5. Requires Expert Level Knowledge of technology and programming languages

    Note that job salary will vary according to many factors such as experience, location, and type of work. Make sure to do your research so you know what kind of salary to expect from any job before applying!

    Here’s a list of some of the best work from home jobs in 2023:

    1. Affiliate marketer

    Affiliate marketing is an attractive flexible job opportunity for those looking to work from home. This type of work consists of promoting products and services that belong to other entities in exchange for a commission.

    Affiliates have the freedom to decide when, where, and how much effort they invest in their job as long as their activities fall within the terms of their agreement. Affiliates advertise through search engines, email campaigns, websites, and more in order to generate revenue for the makers of these products and services.

    Those who perform this position well can expect to receive either a commission per sale or a certain percentage of the generated revenue. Working as an affiliate is a great way to earn a consistent income while maintaining flexible hours.

    The best way to become an Affiliate Marketer: Online Courses.

    Earning Potential: 58k-158k Annually

    Tech Savvy Rating: 3

    2. Online Tutor

    Online tutors have become a great way for many to find work from home jobs. With the ability to set their own schedule, online tutoring is often touted as one of the most enjoyable ways to make money from home.

    Tutors enjoy the flexibility that comes with setting their own hours and deciding when they want to work throughout the week while providing support and guidance to students in need.

    The earnings vary based on experience and area of expertise, but those employed as online tutors can expect a generous return for the valuable service they provide.

    The best way to become an Online Tutor: Become an expert in your subject, develop a curriculum, then create or choose an online platform to sell your course.

    Earning Potential: 51k Annually

    Tech Savvy Rating: 2

    3. YouTube Content Creator

    Working as a YouTube content creator is an exciting work from home job that offers the flexibility to work remotely and make your own hours. Content creators create and post videos to the platform for viewers’ entertainment or educational purposes.

    The work of a content creator is completed by utilizing various online tools, such as video editing software, audio suites, and a camera for capturing images and audio.

    As with any work from home job, you will be expected to manage your time efficiently and adhere to deadlines in order to maintain viewership. Creativity and passion for making videos are both essential components for being successful as a YouTube content creator.

    The best way to become a YouTube content creator: Online Courses and online research.

    Earning Potential: 60k Annually

    Tech Savvy Rating: 4

    4. UX/UI Designer

    UX/UI design is a relatively new, in-demand job that can be done from home. As a UX/UI designer, you are expected to have an eye for detail and an understanding of the end-user experience.

    The job consists of creating user interfaces for products like websites and mobile applications using multiple online tools such as prototyping software, wireframing tools, and HTML/CSS coding.

    You must be certified or experienced in UX/UI design practices such as usability testing, research, and information architecture. If you are looking for a work from home job that requires creativity and technical skills, consider a career in UX/UI design.

    The best way to become a UX/UI Designer: Online course in UX design, build a design portfolio.

    Earning Potential: 96k Annually

    Tech Savvy Rating: 3.5

    5. Virtual Assistant

    Being a virtual assistant has many advantages and is a great home job. Virtual assistants have the ability to be their own boss in a virtual assistant business and work when they choose, with no mandatory commitments or office hours.

    As a virtual assistant, you can take on tasks such as managing calendars, setting appointments, coordinating travel, data entry, answering phone calls, responding to emails, or providing customer service. You can even offer your specialized skills or services that set you apart from other virtual assistants.

    With some hard work and dedication along with these benefits, becoming a virtual assistant could be a great decision for anyone in need of making some extra money or who wants to start exploring flexible home jobs.

    The best way to become a Virtual Assistant: Take training courses, create an online presence, and market your services.

    Earning Potential: 72k Annually

    Tech Savvy Rating: 3

    6. Social Media Manager

    A social media manager is someone who oversees the company’s presence and engagement on social media platforms. As a home job, this role involves conducting extensive research, managing all social media accounts, creating promotional campaigns and content, monitoring analytics, and engaging with users online.

    Due to the nature of this home job, social media managers must be excellent communicators and have a strong passion for curating creative content. They must also possess the ability to work under tight deadlines while staying organized and doing various tasks.

    Social Media Managers play an important role in helping businesses attract more customers by building brand awareness and presence on popular digital platforms.

    The best way to become a Social Media Manager: Online certification course or a bachelor’s degree

    Earning Potential: 52k Annually

    Tech Savvy Rating: 3

    7. SEO Specialist

    SEO Specialists work in the digital marketing realm to optimize websites, content, and campaigns for improved search engine results.

    As a work from home job, an SEO Specialist can work remotely and on their own schedule to improve online presence and reach, along with overall website performance. As such, excellent technical skills are essential for success in the role. To stay up-to-date on today’s ever-changing landscape of SEO best practices and algorithms, a great degree of research is needed in order to conduct audits, develop strategy, and report on website metrics.

    The goal of every remote work opportunity is to support business objectives through creative strategies designed with search engine optimization tactics.

    The best way to become an SEO Specialist: Online certifications, online courses, or a bachelor’s degree.

    Earning Potential: 53k Annually

    Tech Savvy Rating: 4

    8. Online Copywriter

    Online copywriters are highly sought-after professionals who specialize in crafting compelling content for social media platforms and web pages. They engage with audiences and create engaging social media posts from text, graphics, videos, and images.

    In addition to well-crafted copywriting, online copywriters also monitor social media channels such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram for trends related to their client’s products/services. They conduct job search campaigns on job boards like Indeed and Glassdoor to optimize clients’ hiring objectives and provide advice on recruitment policies.

    This role requires excellent creative writing abilities as well as a thorough knowledge of the latest digital marketing trends and social media management processes. Online copywriters require the organization, communication, and interpersonal skills necessary to be successful in this field.

    The best way to become an Online Copywriter: Online Courses, and building a portfolio.

    Earning Potential: 58kAnnuallyy

    Tech Savvy Rating: 3.5

    9. Graphic Designer

    Working as a Graphic Designer is an exciting and rewarding career choice; it involves creating visual content to communicate messages to large audiences.

    You will work with clients ranging from small business owners to healthcare services, providing work from home opportunities or working on-site with clients. In addition, you will work on various types of graphic design projects such as marketing materials, promotional campaigns, logos, websites, and more.

    As a Graphic Designer, you will ensure projects are completed with quality work in an efficient timeline that meets the client’s expectations. An array of creative problem-solving skills is essential for success and continuous development in this fast-paced field.

    The best way to become a Graphic Designer: Online courses, understand graphic design basics, and create an impressive portfolio.

    Earning Potential: 53k Annually

    Tech Savvy Rating: 4

    10. Digital Marketing Specialist

    A digital marketing specialist plays a key role in driving successful customer engagement for business growth. This work can cover everything from social media, email campaigns, and web content all the way to market research, strategic planning, and analytics.

    Digital marketing specialists work primarily from home, using technology such as project management software and videoconferencing to collaborate with colleagues. In many cases they are on-boarded into a consulting firm rather than being part of a corporate structure, allowing them to work remotely.

    With work environments ranging from virtual offices to work-from-home opportunities, digital marketing specialists are offered the flexibility to work around their own schedules while still meeting deadlines.

    The best way to become a Digital Marketing Specialist: Online certifications, online courses, online boot camps, or complete a bachelor’s degree.

    Earning Potential: 61k Annually

    Tech Savvy Rating: 4

    11. Web Developer

    Web developers are increasingly in demand as remote jobs become commonplace for businesses of all shapes and sizes. Working as a web developer offers the opportunity to save money by eliminating the need for costly business premises and equipment while providing a secure remote working environment.

    Web developers use their technical skills to create applications, websites, and custom solutions with coding languages like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. They may also be responsible for content creation, SEO, and other digital marketing strategies. In addition to creating or updating webpages or applications, they must continually keep up with the evolving technology landscape.

    All these skills make web developers an invaluable resource to businesses seeking reliable remote candidates who can hit the ground running.

    The best way to become a Web Developer: Bootcamps, online courses, building a portfolio, acquire an online certification or degree in computer science or web design. 

    Earning Potential: 76k

    Tech Savvy Rating: 5

    12. Copy Editor

    Working as a remote copy editor has become a viable career choice with the increasing popularity of online publications. Copy editors are responsible for reviewing, rewriting, and editing copy to improve the accuracy, readability, style, and consistency of chosen formats.

    They must adhere to industry standards as well as specific editorial guidelines given by the publication they are working for. The job additionally involves monitoring facts and figures in documents as well as proofreading for spelling and grammar errors.

    Although remote work may fray the need for communication between coworkers, it is necessary for remote copy editors to coordinate with other departments such as layout teams and marketing teams in order to produce successful articles or publications.

    The best way to become a Copy Editor: Online certifications and online courses or acquire a bachelor’s degree.

    Earning Potential: 51k Annually

    Tech Savvy Rating: 2

    13. Google AdWords Specialist

    A remote job as a Google Adwords Specialist is full of challenges and rewarding opportunities. This role requires creativity, technical expertise, and attention to detail.

    As a remote Adwords specialist, you will need to be able to develop, manage and optimize campaigns for various clients and measure their performance to ensure desired results. You should be comfortable with remote collaboration tools such as Zoom, Skype, or Slack in order to create reports or assist your team members with ad campaigns. You will also stay knowledgeable about the latest advertising trends and industry updates in order to recommend solutions that are up-to-date with current standards.

    Additionally, you should be familiar with analysis techniques and will be expected to provide insights into campaign success rates while suggesting improvements. All in all, this remote position provides great opportunities for those who thrive on achieving results while working independently in an ever-changing environment.

    The best way to become a Google AdWords Specialist: Online courses

    Earning Potential: 39k Annually

    Tech Savvy Rating: 4

    14. Video Editor

    From remote workers to independent contractors, the job of a video editor has evolved significantly in the past few years. With remote work becoming standard for many within the field, visual content editors are now tasked with more creative projects that require expertise in storytelling and a keen eye for detail.

    Responsibilities typically include editing raw footage into broadcast-ready material, selecting and formatting video files, and adding graphic visuals, music, and sound effects. Video editors must also be proficient in design principles and have strong technical ability.

    A comprehensive knowledge of industry software is essential to this role, as well as a high level of communication with directors, producers, and other stakeholders involved in content creation.

    The best way to become a Video Editor: Online courses and workshops, building a portfolio, networking and looking for freelance opportunities, or having a degree in film studies.

    Earning Potential: 47k Annually

    Tech Savvy Rating: 4

    15. Freelance Writer

    Being a freelance writer is a great online work at home job for those looking to be self-employed. It can offer flexibility, creative control, and the opportunity to sharpen your writing skills whilst earning an income.

    As a freelancer, you will produce content for online publications and other media platforms with the ultimate goal of engaging readers. You may find yourself writing articles, blogs, or website content; researching engaging topics; interviewing relevant people in the industry; and fine-tuning pieces until they’re publication-ready.

    Working as a freelance writer can be an exciting avenue for ambitious writers who love to think outside the box.

    The best way to become a Freelance Writer: Online Courses, build a portfolio.

    Earning Potential: 37k-110k Annually

    Tech Savvy Rating: 2

    16. Social Media Influencer

    Social media influencers have carved out legitimate work careers today, by leveraging their large amounts of followers on platforms such as Instagram and YouTube.

    This profession has covered a broad range of industries, from fashion to tech, with influencers having the authority to influence purchasing decisions for their fans and followers.

    A social media influencer’s job requirements might include making product videos or sponsored posts, initiating active conversations around products or industry topics, responding promptly to comments, advertising campaigns on social channels, and frequently updating followers about brand news.

    The best way to become a Social Media Influencer: Create a large following on social media, and build authority by becoming an expert in a certain subject. 

    Earning Potential: Low end: $10-$100 per post, High end: $5,000 – $10,000 per post

    Tech Savvy Rating: 3

    17. Virtual Event Planner

    Virtual event planning is one of the home jobs available to those who are well-rounded, organized individuals. A virtual event planner puts in the effort to develop unforgettable digital experiences and events that bring people together virtually.

    This job requires sharp attention to detail and excellent multitasking capabilities as managing a successful event involves coordinating vendors, clients, sponsors, and influencers online. Ultimately an event planner will help ensure the success of each client’s virtual event through the combination of dedication and creativity.

    The best way to become a Virtual Event Planner: Online Certifications, previous experience in the field. 

    Earning Potential: 49k Annually

    Tech Savvy Rating: 2

    18. Online Moderator

    Working as an online moderator is a remote professional job that involves monitoring web content in order to ensure it meets standards designed to protect users. An online moderator is responsible for moderating forums, chats, and social media accounts while adhering to the established rules and regulations of the website.

    It’s important for a moderator to be knowledgeable in the policies they are expected to enforce, as well as have great communication and problem-solving skills. Online moderators also need to have an eye for detail, as they must review all types of content to ensure it is legitimate work. 

    The best way to become an Online Moderator: Online research, no formal education is required.

    Earning Potential: 44k Annually

    Tech Savvy Rating: 3

    20. Cybersecurity Specialist

    Cybersecurity specialists work in a rapidly evolving field, with work at home jobs or work remotely being commonplace. These professionals work to protect computer systems, networks, and data from cybercrime in many areas of the industry, such as finance, healthcare services, law enforcement, and education. Typical tasks may include monitoring networks for security breaches and updating security systems according to changes in technology.

    They must also analyze possible attack vectors and develop strategies to mitigate any potential damage to the organization’s networks.

    As such, the position requires excellent knowledge of different programming languages and operating systems as well as an up-to-date understanding of how cybercriminals aim to compromise a system’s defenses.

    The best way to become a Cybersecurity Specialist: Online boot camps, online certifications, or acquire an undergraduate degree. 

    Earning Potential: 121k Annually

    Tech Savvy Rating: 5

    21. Sales Representative

    As a remote sales representative, you will play an important role in developing relationships between your organization and its current and potential customers. You will be responsible for reaching out to customers, understanding their needs, and creating solutions that meet those needs.

    This role requires strong communication skills, a knowledge of customer service best practices, the ability to multitask and prioritize tasks accordingly, and a deep understanding of the product or service they are selling.

    With remote work becoming increasingly common in our increasingly digital world, remote sales representatives are essential to ensure the success of any business by helping to build client relationships that keep the company growing.

    The best way to become a Sales Representative: Highschool diploma or equivalent, Take introductory courses, and receive a certification for inbound or outbound sales  

    Earning Potential: 68k Annually

    Tech Savvy Rating: 2

    22. Virtual Bookkeeper

    A Virtual Bookkeeper manages communication and accounting documents and records. Virtual Bookkeepers also work remotely. This job requires one to have a great deal of knowledge of accounting principles, strategies, and best practices. They must be able to understand the nuances of financial records and be able to accurately record them.

    Virtual Bookkeepers must also have excellent organizational skills, great communication abilities, and the ability to work with different types of software. As a Virtual Bookkeeper, you will be responsible for maintaining and organizing financial records, reconciling accounts, monitoring budgets, and providing financial reports to management.

    The best way to become a Virtual Bookkeeper: Highschool diploma or equivalent, Online Certification programs. 

    Earning Potential: 42k Annually 

    Tech Savvy Rating: 3

    23. Virtual Customer Service Representative

    For customer service professionals seeking a remote job, being a virtual customer service representative is an ideal role. The role involves handling customer queries, providing customer support services, and resolving customer issues.

    As customer service reps interact with customers over the phone or online, they must be well-trained in customer relations and have excellent communication and interpersonal skills. Responsibilities also include understanding customer needs, identifying solutions, and contacting other departments to successfully resolve customer concerns. Additionally, virtual customer service representatives must be organized, tech-savvy, and possess problem-solving skills to serve customers efficiently.

    With the right aptitude and attitude toward customer service, a virtual customer service representative can make a positive contribution toward meeting customer needs and delivering an outstanding experience every day.

    The best way to become a Virtual Customer Service Representative: High school diploma or equivalent and on-the-job training. 

    Earning Potential: 56k Annually

    Tech Savvy Rating: 2

    24. Administrative Assistant

    Administrative Assistants assist administrative professionals to remain organized by completing tasks so they can concentrate on more complex duties. Since Administrative Assistants are often the glue that holds a department together, they need to be highly organized and reliable.

    Since many administrative assistants are now working remotely, they must also be tech-savvy and have excellent problem-solving skills. They must possess the ability to prioritize tasks, handle multiple projects at once, and have excellent communication skills.

    The best way to become an Administrative Assistant: High school diploma or better, CAP Certification (Certified administrative professional), and MOS Certification (Microsoft Office Specialist). 

    Earning Potential: 48k Annually

    Tech Savvy Rating: 3

    25. Technical Support Specialist

    Technical support specialists are responsible for troubleshooting remote technical issues from home or remote locations. They have a crucial role in providing technical support and expertise to customers regarding computer software and hardware.

    This includes operating systems, and network configurations, documenting tech processes and updates, researching solutions to customer inquiries, diagnosing problems remotely, and performing system backups, updates, and maintenance. Technical Support Specialists need excellent communication skills to communicate effectively with customers and other IT team members.

    They must also possess strong problem-solving abilities to determine the root cause of customer issues quickly and accurately. Lastly, they should be well-versed in remote work technologies such as remote access tools and virtual private networks (VPNs).

    The best way to become a Technical Support Specialist: High school diploma or equivalent, Online Certifications, and a College degree will also help. 

    Earning Potential: 55k

    Tech Savvy Rating: 4

    26. Online Life Coach

    Becoming an online life coach can be a legitimate work opportunity that allows one to help people from all walks of life. As a life coach, you are responsible for providing personalized advice and support to your clients and helping them identify goals and strategies to succeed in everyday challenges.

    Your job requires active listening, empathy, and effective communication skills as well as research abilities to find pertinent information regarding the client’s situation. You might also be expected to design resources like lectures and presentations that fit the profile of the person seeking assistance.

    In addition, having knowledge of mental health concerns, solutions-focused approaches and current scientific developments within the field can be very helpful in this role.

    The best way to become an Online Life Coach: Online Certifications and online courses. 

    Earning Potential: 40k-100k Annually 

    Tech Savvy Rating: 2

    27. Frontend Developer

    A frontend developer is part of a tech team that creates, designs and implements user interface (UI) elements and interactive features. These professionals work with programming languages like HTML, Javascript, and CSS to bring websites and mobile applications to life.

    Working from home can be an added advantage for this job as it provides the flexibility of creating a comfortable environment while developing aesthetically pleasing web pages. Frontend Developers can also specialize in fields such as User Experience Design or Web Accessibility which involve design principles applied to technology applications.

    With these skills, they can create immersive interfaces that enhance user experience while maintaining observance of regulations during the process.

    The best way to become a Frontend Developer: Program language boot camps, and online certifications.

    Earning Potential: 105k Annually

    Tech Savvy Rating: 5

    28. Backend Developer

    A Backend Developer is a critical role in any organization’s digital strategy. Their job is to develop and maintain the server-side part of an application, as well as ensure its cybersecurity.

    This includes programming languages such as Java, Python, or Ruby on Rails; understanding fundamental databases such as MySQL and MongoDB; and writing caching layers, load balancers, web servers, and service APIs. With the rise of remote work opportunities, many Backend Developers can have the luxury of working from home while reaping the rewards that come with a position in software development.

    Such rewards may include access to cutting-edge technologies while developing real-world solutions that meet client needs.

    The best way to become a Backend Developer: Program language boot camps, and online certifications.

    Earning Potential: 157k Annually

    Tech Savvy Rating: 5

    29. Full Stack Developer

    A Full Stack Developer is a flexible and highly sought-after position. It requires strong knowledge of multiple aspects of technology, such as front-end user interface design, back-end server development, database architecture, and application programming. Working as a Full Stack Developer typically involves working closely with clients to identify technical needs and designing solutions accordingly.

    Thanks to advances in technology, this role has become even more attractive due to its potential for work from home opportunities as well as for developing new skills. With knowledge across multiple facets of IT, the possibilities for solving complex problems are that much greater!

    The best way to become a Full Stack Developer: Program language boot camps, and online certifications.

    Earning Potential: 119k Annually

    Tech Savvy Rating: 5

    30. Mobile App Developer

    As a Mobile App Developer, you will be working from home to design and create aesthetically pleasing and functional mobile applications. You will be expected to be able to analyze customer needs, determine appropriate application features and design strategies, and collaborate with client teams.

    Additionally, having a strong understanding of programming languages such as JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, Java and C++ is essential in this role.

    Professionalism and the ability to work well under tight deadlines are also highly valued traits for a successful Mobile App Developer.

    The best way to become a Mobile App Developer: Coding boot camps or a degree in information systems, computer science or computer programming. 

    Earning Potential: 137k Annually

    Tech Savvy Rating: 5

    31. QA Engineer

    QA Engineers play a key role in testing technological products for their usability, functionality, and performance. They are responsible for creating and executing detailed test plans to ensure new or updated products meet the highest standards of excellence.

    Generally, QA Engineers work from home in order to maximize efficiency and benefit from flexible working hours. With knowledge of software development processes, they call out major product issues before launch and submit detailed bug reports including root cause analysis and actionable instructions.

    QA Engineers also spend time on design reviews, running exploratory tests, and verifying fix requests aimed at bettering the user experience.

    The best way to become a QA Engineer: Online Bootcamps or an undergraduate degree.

    Earning Potential: 82k Annually

    Tech Savvy Rating: 5

    32. Content Manager

    Working as a Content Manager, you’ll be presented with amazing opportunities for growth and stability in your career. You will get to work from home and manage content from creation to delivery. Your role requires great attention to detail and good communication skills in order to craft compelling pieces that will attract readership.

    As a Content Manager, you will create brainstorming sessions, conduct market research and analyze subject trends in order to strategize how to best present and distribute content. In addition, you will be responsible for supervising approval processes for all outbound content produced by the company.

    Ultimately, if you excel as a Content Manager, you can look forward to helping grow the company’s reach through your quality written pieces.

    The best way to become a Content Manager: Online Courses, and online Certifications.

    Earning Potential: 65k Annually

    Tech Savvy Rating: 3.5

    33. Online English Teacher

    Working as an online English teacher provides the unique opportunity to work from home while helping to improve the language skills of students. In this role, you will use a variety of interactive online tools and teaching techniques in order to customize instruction for each student’s individual needs.

    You must have excellent communication skills, be comfortable teaching both native and non-native speakers, and possess a great deal of patience. This job also requires creating curriculums and recordkeeping, so strong organizational skills are beneficial.

    Being an online English teacher can provide an interesting work experience with challenging rewards for someone looking for a flexible professional position.

    The best way to become an Online English Teacher: Accredited Online Certification (TESOL/TEFL).

    Earning Potential: 30k – 57k Annually

    Tech Savvy Rating: 3

    34. Online Business Coach

    As an Online Business Coach, one can expect to work in the comfort of their own home. A typical day could include providing tactical advice and support on online business objectives, creating detailed plans for operations and ensuring that they are executed, researching industry trends and competitive strategies, guiding teams in the definition of any business goals or objectives, developing metrics and key performance indicators to monitor progress, and helping senior leaders align strategic objectives with the needs of the team.

    Positions may also involve mentorship duties such as placing participants on the path to success by helping them define their own personal success plans for leveraging available resources and being accountable for their goals. 

    The best way to become an Online Business Coach: Online Courses, become an expert in your niche. 

    Earning Potential: 86k- 125k Annually

    Tech Savvy Rating: 3.5

    35. Virtual Marketing Assistant

    Working in virtual marketing is a great way to build your resume while taking advantage of the flexibility offered by a remote career. As a Virtual Marketing Assistant, you would be responsible for executing campaign strategies in an online setting while staying connected with clients and working collaboratively with other people on their team.

    You would be expected to work from home and be available during set business hours to correspond on digital platforms, consult on best practices, conduct research, and suggest creative solutions.

    You must also have the ability to analyze data, provide detailed reports and track meaningful metrics that accurately reflect progress over time.

    The best way to become a Virtual Marketing Assistant: Online Courses, and online certifications. 

    Earning Potential: 41k Annually

    Tech Savvy Rating: 3

    36. Virtual Data Entry Clerk

    As a Virtual Data Entry Clerk, you would be expected to input data, store records, and update existing information electronically. This type of job allows you to work from home, offering a flexible and convenient lifestyle. The main skills required for this job include accuracy and attention to detail in order to ensure the accurate completion of the project.

    It’s important to have good keyboarding skills and computer proficiency in programs such as Microsoft Office Suite. Excellent organizational abilities are also necessary as data entry clerks must be able to prioritize tasks amongst competing priorities and manage tight deadlines.

    Technological expertise is critical for this position as well. If you’re looking for a professional role with challenging yet meaningful work that can be done from the comfort of home, then working as a Virtual Data Entry Clerk may answer your needs.

    The best way to become a Virtual Data Entry Clerk: High school diploma or equivalent and online certifications. 

    Earning Potential: 38k Annually

    Tech Savvy Rating: 3

    37. Virtual Billing Specialist

    Working as a Virtual Billing Specialist offers an opportunity to be part of a growing and dynamic industry. It allows you to work from the comfort of your home, giving you the freedom to set your own hours and manage your workload. You would have to have the ability to perform billing activities in a timely and accurate fashion, while also following up on any billing disputes with both customers and vendors.

    You will constantly have to verify customer accounts, process payments, and reconcile discrepancies within accounts. As a Virtual Billing Specialist, it is important that you keep meticulous records of all bills processed, including tracking any related payments.

    Additionally, you should possess good problem-solving skills; this is especially useful when dealing with disputed charges or other inquiries about unpaid invoices.

    The best way to become a Virtual Billing Specialist: High school diploma or equivalent and online certifications.  

    Earning Potential: 35k Annually

    Tech Savvy Rating: 4

    38. Virtual Research Assistant  

    Working as a virtual research assistant, you can expect to provide support to research staff from the comfort of your home. This work role involves helping create materials for academic projects, sorting and organizing online information, and completing tasks associated with data entry and research analysis. Those who are self-motivated, have strong analytical skills, and are able to manage their time effectively would be well-suited to this position. 

    Additionally, familiarity with various computer programs such as MS Excel and Google Docs is beneficial in successfully expanding the reach of a project or experiment. 

    With an aptitude for organization and detail-oriented work, the job of a Virtual Research Assistant is an optimal one for those looking to make a valuable contribution while also enjoying the convenience of working from home.

    The best way to become a Virtual Research Assistant: Online Courses.

    Earning Potential: 22k – 60k Annually

    Tech Savvy Rating: 3

    39. Video Editor

    As a video editor, you would be in charge of creating compelling visual stories that captivate your audience. You would have the freedom to work from home, but you can also work on location depending on the project requirements. You would need excellent editing skills to produce high-quality videos, as well as good communication and organizational skills to make sure the project’s deadlines are met.

    Your responsibilities include reviewing raw footage and deciding which parts are suitable for the final cut; organizing clips into an engaging sequence with smooth transitions; color correcting and adding any necessary effects for an improved aesthetic; balancing sound levels, composing background music, and adding voiceover when necessary; maintaining schedules and various other production tasks. Knowing how to use software such as Adobe Premiere Pro is essential for this job.

    The best way to become a Video Editor: Online Courses.

    Earning Potential: 36k – 88k Annually

    Tech Savvy Rating: 4

    40. Virtual Social Media Strategist

    Working as a virtual social media strategist can provide you with the flexibility to work from home, as well as an opportunity to gain valuable experience in an exciting field.

    In this role, you would be expected to create engaging content for digital campaigns and oversee marketing initiatives across a variety of social media platforms. You would need to have strong analytical skills, creative problem-solving abilities, and be able to give effective recommendations based on data analysis.

    Additionally, you will need substantial knowledge of consumer behavior and trends in order to create strategies that are impactful and successful.

    The best way to become a Virtual Social Media Strategist: Online courses, and online boot camps. 

    Earning Potential: 60k Annually

    Tech Savvy Rating: 3

    41. Online Fitness Instructor

    Working as an Online Fitness Instructor is a great way to put your fitness knowledge and experience to use. In this role, you would be responsible for creating and delivering online fitness classes and one-on-one personal training sessions, typically from the comfort of your own home.

    You would need to craft workouts that are designed to assist clients in reaching specific wellness goals, such as increased strength or improved cardiovascular health.

    You will have the flexibility of setting your own hours, while also monitoring and assessing participants’ progress. The job requires excellent communication skills so you can provide constructive feedback in order to help your clients reach their goals.

    With research into virtual experiences continuing to grow, so too does the opportunity for specialized instructors who want to work from home.

    The best way to become an Online Fitness Instructor: Online Courses, and online certifications. 

    Earning Potential: 51k Annually

    Tech Savvy Rating: 3

    42. Pinterest Marketer

    The job of a Pinterest Marketer is one that involves creative and innovative marketing strategies. As the role requires utilizing the power of this visual content platform, it is essential that professionals are well-versed in Pinterest marketing best practices.

    From creating unique boards and tailoring promotional campaigns to understanding customer analytics and monitoring an account’s performance, there is no shortage of responsibilities involved.

    One of the most attractive features of this job opportunity is that it allows for flexible working arrangements, including the possibility to work from home depending on what suits your needs best.

    With these criteria in mind, a Pinterest Marketer must also be able to manage their time effectively to create and deliver successful projects on deadlines.

    The best way to become a Pinterest Marketer: Online research, and online courses. 

    Earning Potential: 18k – 117k

    Tech Savvy Rating: 4

    43. Instagram Marketer

    Instagram Marketers are responsible for developing, launching and managing campaigns to help their clients or employers grow a strong presence on the popular social media platform. This can include tasks such as creating content calendars and curating engaging visuals that are in line with brand identity.

    They must also be knowledgeable about marketing strategies, analytics and trends to determine cost-effective ways of improving reach, engagement and conversions. Instagram marketers should have exceptional communication skills as they will often coordinate with other departments (such as design) to ensure that all campaigns are executed successfully.

    Additionally, they must know how to use Instagram analytics tools like Hootsuite or Iconosquare in order to monitor performance and optimize their strategy accordingly. The job of an Instagram Marketer is a great way for someone who wants flexibility in their work schedule while still gaining invaluable experience in digital marketing.

    The best way to become an Instagram Marketer: Online research, and online courses. 

    Earning Potential: 137k Annually

    Tech Savvy Rating: 4

    44. Email Marketing Specialist

    Email Marketing Specialists work from home to develop email campaigns that nurture prospective and existing customers. They use their expertise in marketing techniques, analytics, and customer database management to create personalized emails with relevant content that will drive sales or engagement.

    In addition to building emails, Email Marketing Specialists also analyze data from the campaign such as open rates, click-throughs, etc., so they can refine future communication efforts. They must be comfortable with coding HTML/CSS for designing engaging email templates and work closely with design teams when necessary.

    Given the rising popularity of digital marketing channels and automation tools like MailChimp or Constant Contact, there is a growing demand for experienced Email Marketing Specialists who have an understanding of best practices and strategies across multiple platforms. With a successful track record in this field comes great earning potential.

    The best way to become an Email Marketing Specialist: Online Courses.

    Earning Potential: 70k Annually

    Tech Savvy Rating: 4

    45. Podcast Host

    Podcast Hosts are remote-based professionals responsible for creating engaging and informative content focused on a specific topic. They must have an expert understanding of the main topics relevant to their audio series as well as an ability to generate interesting conversations with guests, if necessary. 

    Podcast hosts should also be able to properly utilize recording equipment and software in order to produce high-quality sound recordings.

    Moreover, they must stay up-to-date with industry trends and emerging technology to ensure they can continue providing valuable content that will keep listeners hooked. This role is perfect for individuals who are passionate about a particular niche or subject and want the flexibility of remote work at home jobs. 

    With some creativity, experience, and skill set, podcast hosts can make good money from their remote job opportunities without having any physical presence in the workplace every day!

    The best way to become a Podcast host: Online research

    Earning Potential: 17k – 160k Annually 

    Tech Savvy Rating: 3

    46. E-commerce Store Owner

    E-commerce store owners are remote workers who manage their own businesses from the comfort of their homes. They are responsible for all aspects from sourcing products, setting up a website or marketplace to list items, and executing marketing strategies to drive customer traffic. 

    As an e-commerce store owner, you must stay on top of the latest trends, use effective SEO techniques and implement industry best practices in order to optimize conversions and increase sales.

    Additionally, you should have sufficient technical knowledge when it comes to web development in order to create an attractive interface that encourages customers to purchase your products. With successful management of your online shop’s operations, there is potential for high returns on investment as well as financial freedom.

    The best way to become an E-commerce store owner: Online Courses. 

    Earning Potential: 90k Annually

    Tech Savvy Rating: 4

    47. Online Course Creator

    Online Course Creators are remote-based professionals who use their expertise to create engaging and comprehensive courses that can be accessed by students from anywhere in the world. They must have experience with instructional technology, educational design, audio/visual editing software, digital marketing methods, and a strong understanding of the subject matter they are teaching.

    Creating course material involves developing lectures, exercises, and assessments as well as editorials that both teach the material effectively and engage learners. Online Course Creators must also research new trends related to their field in order to stay current with best practices when creating content or implementing technologies into their course structure.

    With clear communication skills and an ability to foster interaction between instructors and students, successful online courses will provide learners with quality training for whatever need arises – increasing earning potential for these creative professionals greatly!

    The best way to become an Online Course Creator: Become an expert in your niche, develop a curriculum then create or choose an online platform to sell your course. 

    Earning Potential: 0 – 50k+ Annually

    Tech Savvy Rating: 4

    48. Online Transcriptionist

    Online Transcriptionists are remote workers who specialize in transcribing audio or video recordings into written documents. It’s considered a specialized skill as transcriptionists must have fast and accurate typing abilities, excellent listening skills, knowledge of grammar and punctuation rules, and the ability to stay focused when completing large projects. Transcribers also need to be proficient with using editing software so that they can accurately recreate the recorded voice in print form without missing any important details from the original copy.

    Transcription jobs often require long hours of sitting silently while listening to detailed audio files – making it an ideal job option for those searching for work-from-home opportunities. With good attention-to-detail capabilities, competent transcriptionists can enjoy great returns on their investment of precious time!

    The best way to become an Online transcriptionist: Online certification. 

    Earning Potential: 45k Annually

    Tech Savvy Rating: 3

    49. Dropshipping Business Owner

    Dropshipping Business Owners are e-commerce entrepreneurs who run their businesses from the comfort of their homes. They source products from a third-party supplier and list them on marketplaces or websites they own. Dropshipping business owners have to manage all aspects of running an online business, including creating engaging content and ad campaigns to drive customer traffic.

    They must also understand SEO techniques and industry best practices in order to optimize conversions and increase sales. With successful management of the store’s operations, this type of entrepreneur has the potential for high returns on investment as well as financial freedom.

    To become a dropshipping business owner, one must learn about internet marketing methods, web development basics, inventory control management systems, product sourcing strategies, and more. Earning potential ranges widely depending on size/reach but can reach up 80k+ annually!

    The best way to become a Dropshipping Business Owner: Online research, and online courses. 

    Earning Potential: 20k – 80k+ Annually

    Tech Savvy Rating: 3

    50. Internet Researcher

    Internet researchers are highly sought-after professionals that use the world wide web to search, find and analyze data on a broad variety of topics. From competitive intelligence research to market trends or customer feedback evaluations – these detail-oriented experts collect reliable information to produce comprehensive business reports.

    To become an effective Internet researcher, one must have a sharp eye for detail and be able to extract relevant insights from vast amounts of data. The ability to interpret complex concepts quickly while possessing strong communication skills is also essential in this profession.

    Armed with the right tools, technology, and knowledge of industry regulations, Internet Researchers provide companies with valuable insights into their marketplace – giving them the edge they need in today’s ever-changing digital landscape!

    The best way to become an Internet Researcher: Certification in CIRS Training Program (Certified Internet Research Specialists).

    Earning Potential: 86k Annually

    Tech Savvy Rating: 3.5

    51. Online Data Analyst

    Data Analysts are valuable members of any business team as they help to unlock hidden insights and turn raw data into actionable information. They use various methods such as statistical analysis, forecasting, and machine learning to identify trends, generate reports, and make predictions and recommendations for improvement. 

    Data analysts must also be well-versed in the latest software tools and applications related to their field.

    Having a sound understanding of programming languages like Python or R will not only be beneficial but could potentially lead to higher earning potentials than those with traditional knowledge alone. 

    Additionally, these professionals need strong problem-solving skills so that they can effectively analyze complex datasets and develop solutions for businesses looking for competitive advantages in their industry. 

    The result of accurately interpreting data allows companies to make the best decisions that drive successful outcomes!

    The best way to become an Online Data Analyst: Undergraduate degree is preferred, online courses, online certifications, build a portfolio. 

    Earning Potential: 71k Annually

    Tech Savvy Rating: 4

    52. Online Art Instructor

    Online Art Instructors provide art instruction to students of all ages through online platforms. They create engaging and interactive lessons that help students gain knowledge in the fundamentals of drawing, painting, sculpting, and other forms of visual expression. 

    Instructors have the ability to customize their lessons based on student skill levels or interests. Online instructors must also be able to effectively manage a virtual classroom by providing guidance and feedback as needed for each student’s progress.

    With an understanding of curriculum development strategies, they can lead creative classes using multimedia tools such as video conferencing software or social media outlets like Youtube to enhance learning experiences. 

    In-depth knowledge of different artistic mediums will allow them to guide their students toward mastering their craft with confidence!

    The best way to become an Online Art Instructor: Undergraduate degree is preferred but not required.

    Earning Potential: 57k Annually

    Tech Savvy Rating: 2

    53. Virtual UX Researcher

    Virtual UX Researchers are highly sought after by companies looking to create an optimal user experience for their products. They employ a range of research methods to understand the behavior, needs, and preferences of target users. 

    Through carefully planned surveys, interviews, focus groups, observations, and usability tests; they collect qualitative and quantitative data which can be used to inform product design decisions.

    Utilizing various technological advancements such as AI-assisted virtual analysis or multimedia platforms; they develop comprehensive reports packed with valuable insights that guide designers in creating intuitive experiences tailored to customer wants and needs.  Virtual UX

    Researchers have expertise in customer journey mapping, user profiling & segmentation, and data analytics & visualization so they can make strategic recommendations on how businesses can improve their products both functionally and aesthetically.

    With an analytical mindset and a passion for problem-solving; these professionals help bridge the gap between technicalities and creative design solutions!

    The best way to become a Virtual UX Researcher: Undergraduate degree is preferred but not required, online courses, online certification, build a portfolio. 

    Earning Potential: 108k Annually

    Tech Savvy Rating: 4

    54. Online Music Instructor

    Online Music Instructors provide online music lessons to individuals or groups of all ages and skill levels. They often use multimedia tools such as video conferencing software, virtual orchestra platforms, and even social media outlets like YouTube to create engaging and interactive learning experiences for their students.

    With an understanding of curriculum development strategies and in-depth knowledge of various musical styles, they are able to customize each lesson based on students’ interests or abilities. They also need strong problem-solving skills so that they can effectively guide their students toward mastering their instrument with confidence.

    Additionally, Online Music Instructors must be tech-savvy enough to be able to manage a virtual classroom environment by providing guidance and feedback as needed for each student’s progress.

    With the right qualifications such as a relevant undergraduate degree in music theory/performance alongside online courses, online certification programs, and a well-built portfolio; there is potential for these professionals to earn a competitive salary in this field!

    The best way to become an Online Music Instructor: Undergraduate degree is preferred but not required. 

    Earning Potential: 30k – 110k Annually

    Tech Savvy Rating: 2

    55. Virtual Recruiting Assistant

    Virtual Recruiting Assistants are an essential asset for any organization looking to fill a vacancy. They are responsible for qualifying prospective candidates by conducting virtual interviews and reviewing resumes, helping recruiters identify the best fit for their open roles. 

    By leveraging technology such as video conferencing software and automated interview programs; these professionals can easily conduct face-to-face interviews or group assessments while reducing the risk of bias or errors in decision-making.

    Additionally, Virtual Recruiting Assistants must possess strong communication skills to be able to reliably collect data on applicants through effective questioning techniques during the screening process. 

    Furthermore, having analytical abilities is key so they can provide meaningful insights into candidate performance that inform important hiring decisions effectively while also staying abreast of industry trends in recruitment practices and technologies.

    With an understanding of employers’ needs as well as familiarity with different methods of recruiting; this role offers potential high rewards when done right!

    The best way to become a Virtual Recruiting Assistant: Undergraduate degree is preferred but not required.

    Earning Potential: 41k Annually

    Tech Savvy Rating: 2

    56. E-commerce Manager

    E-commerce Managers are responsible for overseeing all aspects of an e-commerce business. This includes developing strategies to drive online sales, creating and managing website content, advertising campaigns, search engine optimization (SEO) management, customer service policies, and procedures, as well as analyzing web analytics to optimize the customer experience. 

    They must have a strong knowledge of current digital marketing trends in order to stay competitive and develop effective campaigns that result in increased revenue.

    Furthermore, E-commerce Managers must understand how different payment methods work so they can provide customers with the best options possible when it comes to making purchases online. Their expertise in choosing the right platform is key for scaling businesses efficiently while providing superior user experience across various devices.

    With these skills combined; E-commerce Managers have the potential to make huge profits in today’s digital world!

    The best way to become an E-commerce Manager: Bachelor’s degree in business, marketing, information technology, or communications. 

    Earning Potential: 68k Annually

    Tech Savvy Rating: 3.5

    57. Virtual Financial Analyst

    Virtual Financial Analysts are responsible for interpreting financial data to inform strategic decisions within a company or organization. They use their knowledge of accounting, economics, and investment analysis tools to develop the best solutions that optimize operations and maximize profits. 

    These professionals must be well-versed in various aspects of finance, such as capital budgeting, risk assessment, forecasting cash flow, cost control, and debt management. Becoming an effective Virtual Financial Analyst requires strong technical skills combined with the ability to interpret complex financial information into meaningful insights that guide sound decision-making.

    With their expertise in assessing financial data coupled with experience using leading-edge technology; they can help companies achieve long-term success while managing risks associated with investments.

    The best way to become a Virtual Financial Analyst: Undergraduate degree is required. 

    Earning Potential: 72k Annually

    Tech Savvy Rating: 3

    58. Virtual Human Resources Manager

    Virtual Human Resources Managers are responsible for managing the entire recruitment process from start to finish. They recruit and interview candidates both online and in person, assess their skills and qualifications, develop training programs, and provide feedback on performance. 

    In addition, they handle employee relations by administering salaries or benefits packages, resolving disputes between employees or management teams, enforcing company policies, and developing new strategies for hiring qualified personnel.

    They must possess excellent analytical abilities as well as strong communication skills so that they can understand the needs of their business clients while also providing meaningful insights into candidate suitability based on industry trends.

    With a successful background in human resources management combined with technical expertise; Virtual Human Resources Managers have the potential to make major impacts within any organization!

    The best way to become a Virtual Human Resources Manager: Obtain an undergraduate degree and have prior work experience in HR. 

    Earning Potential: 79k Annually

    Tech Savvy Rating: 2

    59. Business Analyst

    Business analysts are experts in data analysis and interpretation. They use statistical methods and software to analyze large amounts of data, identify trends, and extract information that can help businesses make informed decisions.

    Business analysts have the skills to create models that forecast potential outcomes of different scenarios, calculate risks associated with investment or financial decisions, assess customer demand for products or services offered by a business, and optimize operations to improve productivity. 

    They are also highly adept at collecting customer feedback through surveys or focus groups in order to further enhance customer experience.

    Business analysts provide invaluable insights into the success of any company which is why they remain essential members of a successful team.

    The best way to become a Business Analyst: Bachelor’s degree is required and one must have experience working in IT, software engineering, business, finance, or any related field. 

    Earning Potential: 78k Annually

    Tech Savvy Rating: 3.5

    60. Product Manager

    Product Managers are responsible for developing and driving the product strategy of a company. Their role includes overseeing the entire product life cycle: from ideation, to design and development, to launch.

    They manage relationships with stakeholders, partners, vendors, customers, and other teams throughout the process. They also focus on customer research to identify customer needs and develop insights that drive product decisions. Product Managers foster collaboration within their organization while taking ownership of product success.

    With their extensive knowledge of customer analysis and market trends, they can help create products that users love!

    The best way to become a Product Manager: Product Managers have an MBA along with degrees in technical fields such as engineering and computer science. 

    Earning Potential: 106k Annually

    Tech Savvy Rating: 3 

    61. Remote Travel Agent

    Remote Travel Agents are an essential part of the travel industry. They provide valuable assistance to clients in planning their travel arrangements, whether it be for business or pleasure trips. These agents use their knowledge and expertise to research different destinations and come up with the most cost-effective options.

    They liaise with hotels, airlines, car rental companies, and others to secure the best deals available for their clients. Additionally, they are also responsible for booking tickets or accommodations as required by their customers.

    Their attention to detail enables them to create worry-free experiences that take into account any special requirements that may arise during a trip such as medical needs or dietary restrictions – making sure no aspect is left unattended when it comes to providing quality customer service.

    With excellent communication skills, Remote Travel Agents can play a vital role in ensuring client satisfaction at every step of the journey!

    The best way to become a Remote Travel Agent: Have a high school diploma or equivalent and experience in sales or customer service also helps.

    Earning Potential: 57k Annually

    Tech Savvy Rating: 3

    Work From Home FAQ

    What are the best work from home jobs with no experience?

    The best work from home jobs with no experience includes customer service representatives, virtual assistants, online tutors, transcribers, freelance writers, proofreaders, and social media managers. These roles typically require basic computer skills and access to the internet but no previous experience is necessary.

    Many of these positions offer flexible hours and competitive pay rates which can make them attractive options for people looking to start a new career or juggle multiple roles at once.

    Additionally, many employers will provide training so you can effectively do your job in a remote work environment. With dedication and hard work, you could be on your way to having an enjoyable career from the comfort of your own home!

    What is the easiest job to work from home?

    The easiest job to work from home is likely a customer service representative, as the main duties involve providing assistance to customers via phone or chat. This type of role typically requires basic computer skills and access to the internet but no special qualifications are needed.

    It can also be an enjoyable way to work remotely while helping others out with their queries! Additionally, many employers offer training so you can become an expert in your field and get ahead quickly.

    Where Can I look For A Remote Job?

    You can look for remote jobs on job boards such as Indeed, Monster, and Glassdoor, or specialized work from home websites like FlexJobs and Remote.co. You can also search the job postings from various employers directly to find out if they have any available remote positions open.

    Additionally, networking and word of mouth are also great ways to learn about potential openings that may not be advertised publicly!

    Join The Remote Revolution!

    Working from home can be a great way to make money while still having the flexibility and freedom that comes with remote work. Whether it’s a customer service representative or something more specialized like a virtual assistant or transcriber, there are plenty of opportunities out there for those who want to start their own business without any previous experience.

    Lastly, don’t forget about networking! It is often said that your network is your net worth so leverage yours as much as possible when looking for jobs—you never know what kind of amazing opportunity may come up through word-of-mouth recommendations!